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Completely rebuilt yet completely identical
April 19th 2017

So the site randomly broke for whatever reason! It completely died to death. No clue why. This is a fresh install, but, nothing changed whatsoever.
Of course, I want to give this site a good overhaul, as everything here feels like it’s getting rather old and not quite up to my current level of obsessive polish – but I decided to hold it for that big ol’ paradigm shift that will happen sooner or later! (probably later, as another completely unrelated project is keeping me quite busy ahem)

When it comes, and assuming it all works out, things will change and hype things up quite a bit around here!

It will be really kinda super cool and fun.
I can’t wait.
Hoping for the best.

Now see ya next aeon! [[[[[[[

March 9th 2016

Oh, hey! Fancy meeting you here.
Not going to do a full update of things that happened since last time, as if I did that every time I made a post here, it would be pages long!
I don’t remotely have that attention span.

I’ve just updated the site, added a nice little parallax thing. It’s gimmicky, but looks neat.
I’ve also hopefully managed to remove a nasty spammy malware from the site.

Because you know, when you leave something just sitting there for too long, weeds start to grow. You gotta take the time sometimes to pluck ’em.

Speaking of which, the second ‘officially sanctioned’ 3rd Party Ant Farm map will soon be released. It has nothing to do with the paradigm shift I’ve been hinting, but it’s something that hopefully will keep things interesting for the time being.

Proper updates of my stuff have been few and far between, but I will say that I have been working quite a bit on the two super secret projects I’ve listed on the homepage, particularly the first one.
They are pretty cool.

When time comes, maybe I will properly talk about them!
Or, maybe I’ll just keep dropping cryptic hints here and there. Who knows!

April 12th 2015

The site’s banner is 200% more sticky. They all (except one) represent some project of mine from the past, present or future! Ooooo.
I originally thought it would look messy and dumb, and it does, but in a good way.
Could this significant site design refresh signify a triumphant return from the big RainEscape development void? Maybe a cool new project too?

Let’s see!

December 27th 2013


The time has come for me to reveal my new project!
It has been too long since I wanted to do a proper version of RainEscape, and the time is now.
Hopefully it will all work out! I explain it all on this video.

Here are some things I feel I should clear up:

-The game’s platform will initially be Android. Other platforms will come soon after.
-The game will be completely free, and with no ads or trackers or anything, I hate these things.
-June is a tentative release date, I don’t really know if it will fully done by then. (Notice how I expected it to be done by the end of the year in last post :P)

I’ll keep you guys posted! Dis gun be good.

Moving on!
September 3rd 2013

Tis time, folks! I can say now that the demo map for CoR was my last map. So no, the full thing is not coming out any time soon, if ever. Sorry for those that wanted to play it.
I have instead moved on from map making, and now am putting all my efforts on a new project! I am not going to reveal exactly what is it until I have something substantial to show, but I find it a much grander and rewarding project than any map would ever be. I expect it to be done some time near the end of the year, and hopefully you will like it!

Y u do dis
June 3rd 2013

So… You guys remember when I said I was gonna release Curse of Rubikon first?
ilied I LIED

Next Map: The Curse of Rubikon!
May 31st 2013


People have been asking me nonstop when I’d be releasing my Minecraft TARDIS. For a long time, I had forgotten the project and began working on other things, but I recently got back to working on it, and made huge progress in the last few weeks. For a while, I thought it would be best for me to just release the TARDIS as a schematic, and have people use it in their maps. The adventure map I was working to go with it (called DW: Trap of the Cubiverse) was really not working too well and I realized that Minecraft maybe wasn’t the best medium for a linear story without sacrificing much of the openness. I also was having a hard time making Daleks without mods.

The schematic idea is still up, I will release my TARDIS as a stand-alone schematic. But before, I will release a survival / adventure map called The Curse of Rubikon. It will basically be an open world map, with a set of achievements (albeit given in a weird way) with the TARDIS as a vehicle / safe zone of sorts. I feel it is working better, and I’ll have it out hopefully in the first couple weeks of June, if everything goes to plan.

Site overhaul and TPWIPT!
May 6th 2013

Well hello there, and welcome to TPWIPT! This will be the place where I post things related to any awesome project I make or am involved in. The site has also recently received a massive overhaul! Very glad I’ve ditched Webs for a more reasonable host, and that I eventually got the CSS right. I suck at web devving in general. Rly. (Creditz to Greenphlem & Mikrode for some help with it!)
Oh, and I just got 4k subs on YouTube! That’s awesome, I will probably do a special video soon.