Sky Ant Farm Survival

Huge, seemingly tranquil and floating in the sky… The biggest, most atmospheric Ant Farm yet.
(Also, tough as nails!)


Developed by PlayerBuce & TheBefMan. Then butchered by MGPlatinium. 😛

 Rules —

• Don’t remove the invisible block layer next to the wall.
• Don’t break the nether brick fence on the top
• No cheatin’!

— Achievements —
(no order)

• Make a safe base/house
• Make/find a punch bow
• Make/find a knockback sword
• Find & kill every kind of Ore Mob (Coal, Iron, Redstone, Gold & Diamond)
Optional: Find the only water source block (Makes map easier to traverse, but not essential!)
• Brew a Potion of Invisibility +

• Get all 9 Sky Dungeon Artifacts:
Get all 3 Cursed Gems
Get all 3 Ice Crowns
Get all 3 Flowers of Evil

• Conquer the four landmarks:
The Flame Cove
The Explosive Ice Cove
The Mineshaft
The Haunted Library (hard!)

• Conquer the Forbidden Ninja Fortress, make it safe, and loot it completely (hard!)
• Optional: Find the ultimate hidden treasure of the Ninja Fortress

— Tips —

• In Sky dungeons, there is an easy, a medium and a hard dungeon for each artifact type. Know your adversary!
• Always expect something to knock you down an endless pit… Take precautions!
• Though it looks like daytime, you can use a bed any time!
• You can build next to the layer of invisible blocks! Just shift & right-click on them.


(Recently updated!)

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