Forbidden Ant Farm

Feared by the bravest players, dreaded by the hardest YouTubers.

The Forbidden Ant Farm is proved again and again to be a demonically unforgiving challenge.



•Make an Ender Chest
•Make the Forbidden Ant Farm safe
•Find all rogue shops
•Complete the Simmered Cave, and get the Forbidden Pickaxe.
•Complete the Withering Catacombs, and get the Forbidden Wand.
•Complete the Tomb of Demons, and get the Forbidden Blade.
•Find the Mechanite Forge and get the Quasar Sword.

Extra Rule

•Don’t dig your way to the end of the Forbidden Dungeons

Need a hand in the FAF? Check out the Official Guide.

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The Forbidden Ant Farm is part of the AFS Trilogy.
(To access the FAF, you must first complete EAFS.)

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